Thursday, May 23, 2013

7th Grade Comes To A Close

Today is Nee's last day of 7th grade. Can't believe she will be in high school after next year. :) Oh my goodness...I'm not ready for her high school graduation to come all too soon! Feeling very nostalgic today. Look at that cute girl in those pics. Left was the first day of 7th grade and the right pic is today, her last day of 7th grade. Cutie pie!! :)

Y'all please say a prayer for these kiddos today. Goodbyes are difficult for those who are moving away or seeing their friends move away. Those going to 9th grade next year will be in a new school so that brings big changes. And some at the end of this school year are finding some friendships are in an awkward place. I would never wish to go back to this age for anything. :)

Now I'm off to the store to stock on fun, junk food...for tomorrow's end of school year par-tay! Many high-pitched preteen girlies all in one place, while hyped up on sugar and greasy pizza. Eek! :) Fingers crossed that our weather holds out and we can get them to the water park on Saturday to get it out of their system. HeeHee!

Have a great weekend!!

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