Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kicking Rocks

Another week has passed and I can't even tell you what we have accomplished. :) It was just one of THOSE weeks after such a crazy weekend we had last. Ever have one of those?

Now we have another week that is proving to be even hairier but I think we're ready for this one. Neeley is really in to her activities here so our weeks are beginning to pick up a bit. She won her school spelling bee this past week and now competes soon in our county spelling bee. Yikes! And she starts her flute lessons this week. So exciting! She's also starting a baking class through our local non-credit college course program through K State. And here in a couple of days she will be auditioning for a spot in our local production of Cinderella. Thankfully it's only a weeklong production, but that means long rehearsals every.single.night.of.the.week so I know we'll head in to February exhausted but it'll be worth it. :)

We've been making progress here at home this weekend but we did get out earlier to take advantage of the sunshine and went for a very brisk walk. We had the best kicking around our new pet rock, appropriately named Rocky.

{Yes, that's a painted rock and not a piece of raw meat like it looks! :) }

Neeley came home and painted him so that we can keep him and always take him out with us when we go. Too cute!

Y'all enjoy your weekend! We're out of here to head downtown to take advantage of the last day of FREE ice skating! Whee...........................................

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