Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Is Flying By!

Can you believe this month is almost halfway over?? Yikes! This month has been chock full of all kinds of goodness, and there's more to come. Wow!

Neeley is LOVING her days as a big MIDDLE SCHOOLER in the 6th Grade. But...ssshhh....don't tell her that a 6th Grader in Kansas is still an ELEMENTARY student. :( Wonder how that'll go over?

We've tried to take advantage of some sightseeing opportunities here and there, as we know our time here in Germany is limited.

Das Bonbon Museum (The Bonbon Museum) was a funsy place to visit.

Friday night Neeley gets to go to her first SCHOOL DANCE. A big group of them are going together. Oh, y'all, it was all I could do to get motivated to take her to buy her dress for the dance. I am not, not, not ready for this! Many pictures to come. Maybe it is a good thing she will be going back to Elementary School. :)

We head to the hotel here in a few days and then we head outta here on that big plane next week. CrAzY times!! We have found a place to live in Kansas (how many of you dislike renting a place just by looking at some tiny pictures online as much as I do? Boo!) and have made a point to build a lil vacation or two here and there while we have time together as a family in the States.

We'll keep ya posted!!

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